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Handle: Wal
Real Name: Mikko Karaiste
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: Blue
Was a member of: Complex (CLX), Damones (DMS), Dekadence (DKD), Dual Crew (DC), Loctite (LCT), Magnetic Fields (MF), Offworld, Plague (PLG), Role, The Punishers (PNS)

Modules: 44  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online

.:: 44 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
911_mini-5 911 & Wal MOD 1Kb 568
chip virus.wal Wal MOD 18Kb 310
chip4 Wal MOD 3Kb 294
dance music Wal MOD 110Kb 304
death to the queen Wal MOD 10Kb 277
deathstarin voima!! Wal MOD 39Kb 96
demomuz2 Wal MOD 38Kb 105
disco perseesta.wal Wal MOD 74Kb 268
drained-finale Wal MOD 22Kb 80
early-90s Wal MOD 98Kb 113
empty hearted Wal MOD 106Kb 276
fairlight Wal MOD 6Kb 377
glitter_n_funk._ Wal XM 5Kb 72
grizzly Wal MOD 5Kb 61
happy ending? Wal MOD 3Kb 278
hard_working_man Wal MOD 51Kb 263
Hissimusaa_1 Wal MOD 90Kb 101
Hissimusaa_2 Wal MOD 156Kb 108
intro hit.wal Wal MOD 37Kb 107
last kuusnepa redux Wal MOD 2Kb 127
loop_influenza._ Wal FST 7Kb 87
mixie mini version! Wal MOD 2Kb 239
ninjuzu1.wal Wal MOD 2Kb 261
not future song.wal Wal MOD 7Kb 253
oracle! Wal MOD 25Kb 287
PNS-UltimateDreamBBS Wal MOD 87Kb 412
pro-synths Wal MOD 4Kb 267
rap shit... Wal MOD 87Kb 243
raw Wal MOD 0Kb 292
Sceptikko Wal MOD 5Kb 100
son of mixie's Wal MOD 9Kb 102
the cotton club.wal Wal MOD 26Kb 229
the last kuusnepa Wal MOD 2Kb 267
theme for awesome! Wal MOD 8Kb 318
the_unknown_zax Wal MOD 3Kb 301
this_really_is_all Wal MOD 3Kb 107
too bad... Wal MOD 7Kb 107
tunnetko_sykkeen? Wal MOD 2Kb 103
walintro Wal MOD 7Kb 169
wave_of_the_future Wal MOD 4Kb 115
wrapping a thames Wal MOD 1Kb 69
wrapping-a-loop-3 Wal MOD 5Kb 85
wrapping-a-loop-5 Wal MOD 8Kb 70
wrapping_a_loop Wal XM 19Kb 110

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