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Handle: Yaz
Real Name: Richard Campbell
Lived in: United Kingdom
Ex.Handles: Dextrous, R. Campbell
Was a member of: Digital (DTL), Magnetic Fields (MF), Share and Enjoy (SAE)

Modules: 85  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a

.:: 85 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
2 ideas Yaz MOD 83Kb 347
a new beginning Yaz MOD 42Kb 267
classical Yaz MOD 33Kb 253
Cracktro Tune1 Yaz XM 5Kb 391
crystal fantasy Yaz MOD 26Kb 321
cutesy rubbish Yaz MOD 2Kb 216
cutesy rubbish.shrt Yaz MOD 3Kb 239
debonair Yaz MOD 31Kb 234
dizzymusic Yaz MOD 27Kb 273
Dreamscape Yaz XM 239Kb 265
electro static Yaz MOD 36Kb 246
emotion Yaz MOD 74Kb 245
Energize Yaz XM 318Kb 221
extra value #7 Yaz MOD 12Kb 228
f.s.w theme Yaz MOD 57Kb 216
feelin' groovy Yaz MOD 55Kb 238
fizzball Yaz MOD 89Kb 230
folk song Yaz MOD 93Kb 269
funky duck Yaz MOD 76Kb 241
Funny day Yaz XM 48Kb 235
get in the mood Yaz MOD 36Kb 239
gladiators Yaz MOD 23Kb 40
groovy thing Yaz MOD 86Kb 227
Haunted Yaz XM 1Kb 225
high score Yaz MOD 58Kb 225
hypnotic Yaz MOD 105Kb 232
hysteresis Yaz XM 91Kb 229
hysteresis Yaz MOD 110Kb 208
hysterisys Yaz MOD 111Kb 208
ingame1 Yaz MOD 26Kb 239
intro-ragga Yaz MOD 12Kb 234
Kickback Yaz XM 158Kb 221
let the music play Yaz MOD 34Kb 255
liquidity Yaz MOD 38Kb 189
liquidity iii Yaz MOD 32Kb 218
lost in space Yaz MOD 150Kb 257
Lunar Flight Yaz XM 333Kb 234
Lunar Flight.short Yaz XM 279Kb 99
main event Yaz MOD 27Kb 82
maniac funk Yaz MOD 105Kb 228
maniac funk.lng Yaz MOD 105Kb 196
MeltDown Yaz XM 614Kb 223
mesmorised Yaz MOD 56Kb 226
mindwarp2 Yaz MOD 62Kb 228
nutune Yaz MOD 73Kb 214
nutune Yaz XM 63Kb 96
OBSESSION Yaz bp 27Kb 66
pandemonium Yaz MOD 117Kb 347
pandemonium 2 Yaz XM 141Kb 282
pandemonium.mdisk Yaz MOD 70Kb 254
parsec Yaz STK 37Kb 38
pink bubbles Yaz MOD 10Kb 229
polarity Yaz MOD 45Kb 204
prelusion Yaz MOD 61Kb 218
prophecy of life Yaz MOD 4Kb 235
prophecy of life2 Yaz MOD 5Kb 239
q-funk Yaz MOD 60Kb 220
rhythmic vortex Yaz MOD 79Kb 226
road to nowhere.pre Yaz MOD 93Kb 216
Rubber Muffin Yaz XM 96Kb 191
rush hour  ) Yaz XM 6Kb 213
silhouette city Yaz MOD 64Kb 220
Slide Yaz XM 13Kb 216
slots-ingame1 Yaz MOD 37Kb 238
slotsintro Yaz MOD 155Kb 203
Solar Crisis Yaz XM 472Kb 228
sonic evolution Yaz MOD 81Kb 249
stargazing Yaz MOD 3Kb 219
Starting Out Yaz XM 33Kb 213
sunset strip Yaz MOD 53Kb 219
synthony Yaz MOD 51Kb 210
Synthony Yaz XM 287Kb 200
the main event Yaz MOD 80Kb 216
The Punisher Yaz MOD 109Kb 100
the punisher Yaz MOD 110Kb 240
timeslip Yaz MOD 102Kb 193
timeslip.long Yaz MOD 109Kb 229
triumph Yaz MOD 50Kb 249
True Technology Yaz XM 183Kb 223
True Technology.sht Yaz XM 138Kb 177
tune8 Yaz MOD 93Kb 563
whispered dreams Yaz MOD 135Kb 253
whispered dreams.sh Yaz MOD 107Kb 182

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