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Handle: !Cube
Real Name: Tony Christer Lönnberg
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: Trauma Child Genesis [2 musicians], TCG, Cube, Guyer, vEiVi, Tony Christer Lonnberg, Toni Christer Lönnberg, Toni Christer Lonnberg, Toni Lonnberg, Tony Lonnberg, Toni Lönnberg, Tony Lönnberg, Tony C. Lonnberg, Tony C. Lönnberg
Was a member of: Aggression st, Armada st, CHRONICLE, DEE, Gfxile, Hysteria pc, PALACE (PAL), Recreation (RCN), Salamanteri Music (Salamander), Scallop (SCL), Success & The Ruling Company (SCS*TRC), Tarzan Tuotanto (tAAt), The Black Lotus (TBL), Trauma Child Genesis (TRC - TCG - Trauma)

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