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            TLb.  ,dMP'          all rite, now you get the chance to read
             TML.dMMP            some facts about some of the major amiga
          ,nmm`XXMPX              musicians. read about their history in 
       ,#MP'~~XNXYNXTb.          the scene and their plans in future.yes, 
     ,d~'     dNNP `YNTb.       that's meant to be read while listening to  
    ,~       ,NN'     `YNb   their modules. read 'em over and over and over..
             dNP        `Yb.  
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        l___/=l___|====l____/===\______|==l______|\  /l___/===\______l____/

    Handle: Estrayk

    Group: Paradox

    Date of birth: 26 / 9 / 74

  • 1-How did your interest for computers start? Which year was that?

  • My daddy buy a C64 in 1986! :)

  • 2-What machines did you previously have? What did you do with them?

  • Amiga A500
    Amiga A1200+Blizzard 1260
    Amiga A4000+CyberStorm MKII 040/40 + CyberVision64 3D
    Atari 1040 STe
    PlayStation :-Þ
    Amstrad CPC6128
    SONY Hit-Bit MSX
    PC486DX2 66Mhz
    AMD K6-2 300 Mhz
    Pentium III 500 Mhz

  • 3-For what specific reason did you end up making music rather than gfx, coding?

  • I duno really, simply all my life like compose tunes... :-?

  • 4-Which composing programs have you been using? Which one in particular?

  • The best tracker around: Amiga Protracker V2.3d

    I can compose musics also on:
    JCH (C64)
    NoiseTracker (Atari)
    Cubase (Atari) "For midi"
    FastTracker (PC)
    CuBase (PC) "For midi"
    THX (Amiga)
    Future Composer (Amiga)
    Sidmon (Amiga)
    SoundMonitor (Amiga)
    OCTAMED (Amiga) "For midi"

  • 5-With which module did you feel you had reached your goal?

  • The EUPHONIK series:
    I´ve received a lot of e-mails congratulation me! :-?
    I dont understand! :-? I hate those tunes !!!!! arrggg!!!

  • 6-Is there a tune you would like not to remember? For What reason?

  • A lot... :) no comment! :)
    When i compose tune with SoundTracker / Noisetracker! :-(((
    Too bad !! and too lameeee !!! :-D

  • 7-In your opinion, what's the value of a music in a demo, game?

  • The most important !!!!!!
    You can see a good demo, but if the music isnt good or isnt synronized
    with the images / effectS! all the demo is pure crap! (thats my opinion)

  • 8-At present, are you still composing? For professional or leisure purposes?

  • I´m on scene since 1988! I´m fed up ! anyway.. Nowdays I compose some tunes
    for the cracktros of PARADOX on PlayStaion.
    I compose some songs for CAPSULE on Amiga too.

  • 9-What do you think of today's pieces of music such as mpeg,wave,midi,etc...?

  • Hey Crown, you and me know that all of that is shit!
    Those formats are ANTI-SCENE.

  • 10-Could you tell us some of your all times favourite tunes?

  • All tunes from Tip/Mtx/Firefox
    I like Lizardking own style!
    Some tunes from Jogeir
    Also I liked a lot Audiomonster tunes.
    Two musicians from France NHP&BKH also composed really good tunes!
    Who dont like JESTER songs? :)

  • 11-Are you planning to make an audio cd with some of your music remastered?

  • nope.

  • 12-What bands are you currently listenning to?

  • --

  • 13-What does/did the amiga/c64 scene give you?

  • Fun and a lot of friends. :)

  • 14-Are you still active in the scene these days?

  • uhmmm.... yep. (more or less)

  • 15-Anyone to greet? Anything left to say? Feel free...

  • bufff... too many... but I´d like greet to Evelred and Nork!

    best regards !

    please note: this interview is ©opyrighted in 2001 by crown of cryptoburners

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