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Handle: Falcon
Real Name: Nicolas Feschotte
Lived in: France
Ex.Handles: Falk
Was a member of: Cocoon, Honoo, Neuneu(x) Prods (Neuneux Prods), Psykotrope (PSK - PSYKO), The Young Men (TYM), Warp

Modules: 11  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 2  online


          `n.          .rP'
           `qb       ,dP'
            TLb.  ,dMP'          all rite, now you get the chance to read
             TML.dMMP            some facts about some of the major amiga
          ,nmm`XXMPX              musicians. read about their history in 
       ,#MP'~~XNXYNXTb.          the scene and their plans in future.yes, 
     ,d~'     dNNP `YNTb.       that's meant to be read while listening to  
    ,~       ,NN'     `YNb   their modules. read 'em over and over and over..
             dNP        `Yb.  
            ,NN'          `b.      · i  n  t  e  r  v  i  e  w  ·      ___________            
      ______dP                                _____________            \         /              
      \    ,N'\____   _____________.  _____   \            \_____.  ____\       /
       \___P___/  .\--\__    __/__ |--\____)---\        _____/__ |--\_   \    _/
        |     |   | \  |      | \__|   |  _     \      /    | \__|   |   /\   |
        |    _|   |    |     _l_       |  |      \    /    _l_       |     ___|
        l___/=l___|====l____/===\______|==l______|\  /l___/===\______l____/

    Handle: Falcon

    Group: Honoo

    Date of birth: 04 04 1977

  • 1-How did your interest for computers start? Which year was that?

  • Huhuu, it started in front of an Amstrad 464 monitor and later with an
    Amstrad 6128 at my cousin's place. At that time computer didn't represent
    anything else than pocket calculators to me. My cousin had a utility
    called NeoPaint and it was great to draw on the screen with it, there
    were loads of colors! I was around 8 or 9 and that's 15 years ago!!!!

    Later my father bought a Thomsom TO7 with color screen (that must have
    rather expensive at the time) and I started to code basic. My cousin
    decide to buy an Atari 520 STF and I really wanted to get one. Ultimately
    I did, that was great!!

    After that my big brother took me to his friend's place who had an amiga
    2000 and they showed me the Phenomena Enigma demo and that was kicking ass!
    The week end after I sold my Atari in order to buy an Amiga 500. Followed
    by an A1200 with internal harddisk and so so... Geez, that's nostalgy!

  • 2-What machines did you previously have? What did you do with them?

  • As I said:

    to7 70 : learning basic code and playing games

    atari 520 ST : discorvering what real games were about and coding GFA basic

    amiga 500 : deluxe paint !!!! soundtracker !!!!

    amiga 1200 : deluxe paint.. I did official graphics for my group psykotrope
    with my good friend EAGLE, we participed in two wild compos at the Saturne
    Party in France

    PC P75 / P166MMx / celeron 300 / PII400 / PIII 500 : one picture for a
    coocoon intro

  • 3-For what specific reason did you end up making music rather than gfx, coding?

  • You have to remember that I loved doing graphics but I also loved techno music
    so I ended up making music on amiga.

  • 4-Which composing programs have you been using? Which one in particular?

  • Sound tracker, Audiomaster (huh??) I also had a sampler: DSS

  • 5-With which module did you feel you had reached your goal?

  • Thats long ago, I think it was automatichen sex.. Its a dance remix
    actually. I also did a remix with samples, the module was 300ko and I
    am quite proud of it..

  • 6-Is there a tune you would like not to remember? For what reason?

  • Nope, none I could remember at least

  • 7-In your opinion, what's the value of a music in a demo, game?

  • In a demo, music sets the ambiance, it also synchronizes. Without musics,
    demos are none! A demo is of course coding (and not some lame functions
    meant to show some 3D cubes), design and music. A demo is art. State of
    The Art...

  • 8-At present, are you still composing? For professional or leisure purposes?

  • Nope, I have stopped totally. Nowadays I am working on website design. I
    miss composing with protracker but I ain't talented enough compared to
    people such as MAF, JOGEIR or DREAMER.. Those were real music creators!

  • 9-What do you think of today's pieces of music such as mpeg,wave,midi,etc...?

  • It lacks style, it lacks soul. A chip tune on amiga can be melodious and

  • 10-Could you tell us some of your all times favourite tunes?

  • If I remember right, the tunes from de wings of death, magic pocket and gods

  • 11-Are you planning to make an audio cd with some of your music remastered?

  • Ohh no!!! I leave that work to real professionals! ;)

  • 12-What bands are you currently listenning to?

  • Björk, Saez, Zazie, Madonna, Norah Jones, Britney Spears (her latest album is
    quite good)

  • 13-What does/did the amiga/c64 scene give you?

  • fun life and pleasure... The Amiga has made it possible for me to get a
    second family at a time when my life was far from being rosy! I have kept
    contact with the leader of my group and my good friends from the scene
    Eagle, Adn, Jeamph, Zone, Plug and Guille (good day mister dad!!) :)

  • 14-Are you still active in the scene these days?

  • Nope but I must say that I would very much like to come back! I heard it
    has changed a lot, that it is nowadays full of sad youngsters..
    A friend of mine is coding Java so maybe... ;)

  • 15-Anyone to greet? Anything left to say? Feel free...


    please note: this interview is ©opyrighted in 2005 by crown of cryptoburners

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