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Handle: Frenzy
Real Name: Audun Evensen
Lived in: Norway
Ex.Handles: Mr Frenzy, Mr. Frenzy, Da Frenzy
Was a member of: Animators (ANM), Awe, Cyborx (CBX), Dazzle (DZL), Element (EMT), Encore (ECR), Hypnorok, MadMelodies, Majic 12 (M12 - MJ12), Massive (MSV), Megalight, Resistance (RSE - RSZ), Rødsprit, Sacrd, Squash, THC, The Magic Guild (TMG), TWZ

Modules: 107  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: 1  online


          `n.          .rP'
           `qb       ,dP'
            TLb.  ,dMP'          all rite, now you get the chance to read
             TML.dMMP            some facts about some of the major amiga
          ,nmm`XXMPX              musicians. read about their history in 
       ,#MP'~~XNXYNXTb.          the scene and their plans in future.yes, 
     ,d~'     dNNP `YNTb.       that's meant to be read while listening to  
    ,~       ,NN'     `YNb   their modules. read 'em over and over and over..
             dNP        `Yb.  
            ,NN'          `b.      · i  n  t  e  r  v  i  e  w  ·      ___________            
      ______dP                                _____________            \         /              
      \    ,N'\____   _____________.  _____   \            \_____.  ____\       /
       \___P___/  .\--\__    __/__ |--\____)---\        _____/__ |--\_   \    _/
        |     |   | \  |      | \__|   |  _     \      /    | \__|   |   /\   |
        |    _|   |    |     _l_       |  |      \    /    _l_       |     ___|
        l___/=l___|====l____/===\______|==l______|\  /l___/===\______l____/

    Handle: Frenz (ex. Mr.Frenzy)

    Group: Massive & Devforce (ex:THS, megalight, dazzle, massive(old),
    TMG, demons design, majic12, cyborx, animators, awe,
    data division, massive(new))

    Date of birth: 27.06.1978

  • 1-How did your interest for computers start? Which year was that?

  • The year was 1984. My dad (King Arthur/TMG) bought a C64. I was instantly
    obsessed with the machine and used most of my spare time (and that was about
    all avalible time for me, as I was very young) in front of it.

  • 2-What machines did you previously have? What did you do with them?

  • C64 (1984): after a while I and a couple of friends started a little crew
    called Undusoft, where we used TFC3 and Action Replay to modify games. We
    also did some BASIC coding. Mostly we just sat and played games (:

    Amiga500 (1987): Started making music when soundtracker 1.0 arrived. I
    believe that was in 1989. I was also an active swapper
    for a long time.

    Amiga1200 (1992): Swapping and making music mostly. I set up a bbs and
    featured as sysop around 1995-1999.

    Amiga4000 (1997): Started to program C (braarud coders).. made some small

    PC (2000): I never got a PC before I started working as a software
    developer. I still spend a lot of time with my amiga though.

  • 3-For what specific reason did you end up making music rather than gfx, coding?

  • I wasn't able to code back in 1989, I was only a little kid (: I was never
    good at pixelling.

  • 4-Which composing programs have you been using? Which one in particular?

  • C64: The Music Shop, Future Composer (and a few others which slipped through
    my mind). Amiga: Soundtracker, Soundfx, The digital mugician, Octamed,
    Noisetracker, Protracker, Digibooster Pro.

  • 5-With which module did you feel you had reached your goal?

  • I think it has to be "Pastfinder" or "The last playground". The first never
    reached out to public, but the second one came in 2nd on the music competition
    on Kindergarden (96?).

  • 6-Is there a tune you would like not to remember? For What reason?

  • As in my own tunes? A LOT! Foruntately these mods never came out in the
    public (: As for the released, I really got fed up with the one that
    Megalight used in the intros of the really old "Demos of the world" series.
    I don't remember the name of it.

  • 7-In your opinion, what's the value of a music in a demo, game?

  • If your music is featured in a great demo, it gets immortal! I can't think
    of anything cooler. I prefered making music for demos rather than games. At
    this time, I think one of the best demos featuring my music was
    "Tornado of souls" by Animators (Still I can't remember which song I gave

  • 8-At present, are you still composing? For professional or leisure purposes?

  • It happens! only for fun, though. Currently most of my time is spent in front
    of JBuilder.

  • 9-What do you think of today's pieces of music such as mpeg,wave,midi,etc...?

  • (I am not sure if you mean the music formats or the contents [commercial,
    scene..]) If it's "non-tracker" music from the scene you refer to, I think
    it's good. The guys that are still composing have really become good (bjorn
    lynne, superted, Jogeir++). One example was Some weeks ago when I met
    Yolk/CNCD on irc, and I got some of his "later" productions (mp3), really
    awesome stuff! Nicely done with the good old "scene" spirit in it.
    I also downloaded some of Tim Follin's studio-produced music! Amazing.
    (eventhough he was no scener, he (still) makes damn good game music!!))

  • 10-Could you tell us some of your all times favourite tunes?

  • Too many to mention!! (: But here's a few:

    "Sleepwalk" by an unknown author (which featured many cracktros in the late
    80s). I really love that song! (:
    "Depressed" by some unknown guy (used in one of the first intros by Trilogy
    on the Amiga).
    The music from the great cruncher "Imploder v4". Really awesome funky stuff!
    I think the tune was made by Paul van der Valk.
    "overload" by tip & mantronix, I was completely blown away seeing the Razor
    1911 - voyager demo. Also the first part
    (feat. music from Codex was brilliant!).
    LED Storm by Tim Follin. I admire his talent! Incredible improvistic dreamy
    style. I was also a huge fan of litterally ALL Dr. Awesome and Fleshbrain mods
    in the late 80s, early 90s. Not the latter ones.

  • 11-Are you planning to make an audio cd with some of your music remastered?

  • Nope.

  • 12-What bands are you currently listenning to?

  • Cabbageboy, Squarepusher, Nuyorican Soul, Jamiroquai, Dieselboy, Towa Tei,
    Groove Armada, Kid Loco, Talvin Singh, Roots Manuva, Jazzanova, Fila Brazillia.

  • 13-What does/did the amiga/c64 scene give you?

  • Hey, it's my entire childhood! It's in my blood. It gave me friendship, fun,
    and talent (i think (= ).

  • 14-Are you still active in the scene these days?

  • There'a no real scene anymore. That's my opinion.

  • 15-Anyone to greet? Anything left to say? Feel free...

  • Too many to mention! But I would send out some greets to the old guys I lost
    contact with over the years! It had really been cool to hear what people are
    doing these days.

    please note: this interview is ©opyrighted in 2001 by crown of cryptoburners

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