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Little Bitchard 
Handle: Little Bitchard
Real Name: Arto Koivisto
Lived in: Finland
Ex.Handles: ARto, Artsi, Atari Senior Riot, Bleepmeister, Lux, LB, El-bee, DJ Dominator-X, Outer Space Alliance, Righteous Minds, SQNY, Teknomies, V.M.M.K. (Verärgerten Multi Mittel Knabe)
Was a member of: Backspasm, Farbrausch (FR), Haujobb (HJB), Holy Feather Productions (HFP), Joo Joo pc, Kewlers (KWL), Lunatic Avengers in Techno Ecstacy (LAiTE), Matt Current (MC), Mewlers (MWL), MFX (FXM - Muleteer Effect), Slash pc

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