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Handle: Skurk
Real Name: Stian Soreng
Lived in: Norway
Ex.Handles: The Jerk
Was a member of: Depth (DPH - DTH), Hoaxers (HXS)

Modules: 5  online
Interview: Read!
Pictures: n/a


          `n.          .rP'
           `qb       ,dP'
            TLb.  ,dMP'          all rite, now you get the chance to read
             TML.dMMP            some facts about some of the major amiga
          ,nmm`XXMPX              musicians. read about their history in 
       ,#MP'~~XNXYNXTb.          the scene and their plans in future.yes, 
     ,d~'     dNNP `YNTb.       that's meant to be read while listening to  
    ,~       ,NN'     `YNb   their modules. read 'em over and over and over..
             dNP        `Yb.  
            ,NN'          `b.      · i  n  t  e  r  v  i  e  w  ·      ___________            
      ______dP                                _____________            \         /              
      \    ,N'\____   _____________.  _____   \            \_____.  ____\       /
       \___P___/  .\--\__    __/__ |--\____)---\        _____/__ |--\_   \    _/
        |     |   | \  |      | \__|   |  _     \      /    | \__|   |   /\   |
        |    _|   |    |     _l_       |  |      \    /    _l_       |     ___|
        l___/=l___|====l____/===\______|==l______|\  /l___/===\______l____/

    Handle: Skurk

    Group: Depth

    Date of birth: November 27th, 1974

  • 1-How did your interest for computers start? Which year was that?

  • I got my first computer when I was nine years old (1983). My father
    bought me an Oric-1 equipped with three sound channels and 48K of RAM.
    And a cassette player for storage, ofcourse. I started programming
    Basic almost immediately, and was instantly hooked. As I slowly started
    migrating to 6502 assembly, I got my first C64 where I was introduced to
    the demoscene for the first time. This was the beginning of my BEST
    YEARS, without doubt.

  • 2-What machines did you previously have? What did you do with them?

  • I've owned maybe 30-40 computers since '83. To make the list short,
    the most important ones were Oric-1, Apple ][, C64, A500 and A1200
    and finally the Intel-based PC.

  • 3-For what specific reason did you end up making music rather than gfx, coding?

  • Actually, I was always more a programmer than a musician. I wrote several
    demos on the miggy, and in the lack of a musician I had to compose the
    tunes myself. Many of them were awful, and wasn't supposed to be relased,
    but somehow they found their way out there.

  • 4-Which composing programs have you been using? Which one in particular?

  • I got my first copy of SoundTracker 1.2 (?) from a guy in Scoopex at
    the Selsbakk Megaparty in Norway, held by Panoramic Designs and Hoaxers
    back in 1988 I think. Naturally, I started using ProTracker later on
    and then to FastTracker on the PC.

  • 5-With which module did you feel you had reached your goal?

  • Hehe tough question. "Sannheten som aldri kom fram", maybe, which
    by the way is a funny story: I composed this song before I went to
    a party (as in getting drunk, no computers) at my friend Daniel's house.
    I brought the module on a floppy and played it to them. It was more a
    comic/joke song with samples of me screaming and yelling in a weird
    norwegian accent, and they all thought it was hillarious - I didn't
    expect them to laugh that much. That's the only time it was spread.
    Years later I heard the song over and over again at various places,
    mainly computer parties.
    Rumour has it that it was even played on the radio once.

  • 6-Is there a tune you would like not to remember? For what reason?

  • Oh yeah, most of the 1-pattern songs I made. They weren't finished,
    the weren't ready for release, and they weren't even great. I have
    no idea who bothered copying and passing them around.

  • 7-In your opinion, what's the value of a music in a demo, game?

  • I'd say the music's value is somewhere around 60-70% of a production.
    Take Complex/Dope for instance. I wouldn't bother having a copy of
    that demo still if it weren't for that smashing tune.

  • 8-At present, are you still composing? For professional or leisure purposes?

  • No, sorry, I'm only programming now. I have considered tracking a few
    patterns again, but I have my doubts it will go any further than that.

  • 9-What do you think of today's pieces of music such as mpeg,wave,midi,etc...?

  • Most of them are excellent. Although tracked modules are charming in
    their own mechanical way, you have to realize that it is the result
    that matters, not how it was made. If it's a great song, it doesn't
    matter if it is sampeled through a synthesizer or squeeked through
    the PC speaker (remember Larry?)

  • 10-Could you tell us some of your all times favourite tunes?

  • Oh, I can't list several hundreds songs here, but my respect goes
    to these C64 composers: Tim Follin, Martin Galway, Jens Bjerregaard,
    Laxity, Rob Hubbard, and - well, the rest.

  • 11-Are you planning to make an audio cd with some of your music remastered?

  • No.

  • 12-What bands are you currently listenning to?

  • Mainly Infected Mushroom and Astral Projection..

  • 13-What does/did the amiga/c64 scene give you?

  • Tons of coding skills. And great memories I'll *never* forget.

  • 14-Are you still active in the scene these days?

  • Yes. I'm a member of Depth and we're planning
    a couple of Amiga and C64 releases soon. On my spare time I'm also
    developing scene releated stuff on UNIX and Playstation, but I
    haven't released anything there yet.

  • 15-Anyone to greet? Anything left to say? Feel free...

  • If anyone out there invents a time machine, please let me know.
    I'd like to go back to, say '86, and do the whole thing over
    again. *sniff*

    please note: this interview is ©opyrighted in 2002 by crown of cryptoburners

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