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Found (for Centolos (Centosis) in groupid)
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Handle: Barman
Real Name: Marcos Ramos
Country: Spain
Groups: Capsule (CSL - CPS), Centolos (Centosis), Fifth Generation (5th Generation - 5THG - FG), Glue, Necropolis (NCS), Sepultura (SPT)

Handle: McGyver
Real Name: Pablo
Country: Spain
Groups: Centolos (Centosis)

Handle: Nork
Real Name: Abraham Sánchez Gallego
Country: Spain
Groups: Centolos (Centosis), Darkage (DKG), Massive (MSV), NetWork (NTW), Osmose (OSM), Poise Records (PSR), TNC, X-Zone (XZN)

Handle: Sapphire
Real Name: Fernando López Ostenero
Country: Spain
Groups: Centolos (Centosis), Fifth Generation (5th Generation - 5THG - FG), Necropolis (NCS)

Handle: Wavemaker
Real Name: Juan Calderón Alonso
Country: Spain The Netherlands
Groups: Centolos (Centosis), Glue, Mangoo, Scum (SCM), Technolimit (TNL), TRINITY (TRN - TNT)

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