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Found (for Inferiors (INF) in groupid)
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Handle: Anders
Real Name: Anders B. Ervik
Country: Norway
Groups: Amour, Cadaver (CDR), Comix, Inferiors (INF), Proxima (PRX), Sacrd, Shadows Of The Underground (SOTU - ST), X-Pose

Handle: Caramel
Real Name: Jørgen Hegstad
Country: Norway
Groups: Dolphin, Exile, Fascination (FSN), Fluff (FLF), Gods (GDS), Inferiors (INF), Proxima (PRX), Shadows Of The Underground (SOTU - ST), Spin

Handle: Dallas
Real Name: Guido
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Chipztream (CZM), Inferiors (INF)

Handle: Dominei
Real Name: Reid Hauke Tønnesen
Country: Norway
Groups: Boozoholics (BZH), Click, Dolphin, Illusion (ILS - ILL), Inferiors (INF), SKiM, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Twilight Zone (TTZ)

Handle: Sticky
Real Name: Frode Helgesen
Country: Norway
Groups: Inferiors (INF), Proxima (PRX), Spin

Handle: TMK
Real Name: Tom M. Kalland
Country: Norway
Groups: Dolphin, Inferiors (INF)

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