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Found (for Millenium (MLM) in groupid)

Millenium (MLM)

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Handle: Dr. Strangelove
Real Name: Anders Nystrand
Country: Sweden
Groups: Canal Cracker Crew (CCC), Demons, Millenium (MLM), Overgrowth, Phoenix (PHX - PNX), Tulou (TLU)

Handle: Noice
Real Name: Tony Wellving
Country: Sweden
Groups: Antiriad, Cytax (CTX), ELF Productions, Millenium (MLM), Polaris (PLS), The Strangers (STR)

Handle: Wanderer
Real Name: Mika
Country: Finland
Groups: Millenium (MLM)

Handle: Wonderer
Real Name: Mika Lindroos
Country: Finland
Groups: Millenium (MLM)

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