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Found (for Ooze in groupid)
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Handle: Griffin
Real Name: Stephen C. Demuth
Country: USA
Groups: Ooze

Handle: Keith 303
Real Name: Klaus Spang
Country: Germany
Groups: ADVANCE, Anarchy (A), Back2Basix, Blank!255 (Blank255), Delight (DLT), Delight pc (DLT), Destiny (DTY), Language Lab (LL), Moz[ic]Art (MOZ), Ooze, Pain (P!), Radical Rhythms (RR), Tokyo Dawn Records (TDR), Twist (TW)

Handle: LSD
Real Name: Jacek Jaroslaw
Country: Poland
Groups: Animatorzy Polskiej Sceny (APS), Hypnotize (HPZ), Illicit, Monar Records, Ooze, Suspend (SPD)

Handle: Omega
Real Name: Sebastian Ruf
Country: Austria
Groups: Moz[ic]Art (MOZ), Ooze, Shoq, Surprise!Productions (S!P)

Handle: Sed
Real Name: Navratil Sandor
Country: Hungary
Groups: Dilemma, Ooze, Orbital

Handle: The Alien
Real Name: Stefan Konarkowski
Country: Germany
Groups: Arcoss, Black Code Design (BCD), Chalice, Civitas, Covenant, Crystal pc, Lore of Arts, Moz[ic]Art (MOZ), Ooze, Surprise!Productions (S!P), The Crest Magazine c64, Warriors of the Wasteland c64 (WOW), Zyklop pc

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