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Handle: Aquafresh
Real Name: Simon Bostock
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Defekt (DFT), Dianetix, Divine (DVN), Dolphin, Eclipse (ECL), Eltech (ELT), Futura (FTA), Grid, Hipnotics, Indy, Karma, Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), Mellow (MLW), Motion Blur, Pumpkin Productions, Surprise!Productions (S!P), Tesko (TSK)

Handle: Arche
Real Name: n/a
Country: Finland
Groups: Divine (DVN), Typhoon

Handle: Candyman
Real Name: Timo Lehtinen
Country: Finland
Groups: Chaos (CS), Diffusion (DFN), Divine (DVN), Electron, Improbatur, Leader Productions (Leader Prods - Leader Prod. - LP - L.P), Metalstorm, Phase (PHS), Realms

Handle: Hoffman
Real Name: Ian Ford
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Binary Emotions, Defekt (DFT), Divine (DVN), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Elude (ELD), End of Century 1999 (EOC 1999 - EOC), Fade, Focus Design (FD - FCS), Ghost, Logicoma (LGC), Mono211 (M211), Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Mystic (MST), Quartz (QTZ), Scandal (SCL), The Flashing Bytes (Flashing Bytes - TFB), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), TRSi and FairLight Recordz, Unstable Label (UL - UNS), Xanadu

Handle: Icebass
Real Name: n/a
Country: Finland
Groups: Admirals (ADM), Divine (DVN), Paralysis, SHARKS

Handle: Killing Clown
Real Name: n/a
Country: Unknown
Groups: Divine (DVN)

Handle: Loony
Real Name: n/a
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Delite, Desire (DSR), Divine (DVN), Hazard (HZD), Saturne (STN), Surprise!Productions (S!P), Trance Uk

Handle: Siracon
Real Name: Anders Johansson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Defiance (DFC), Divine (DVN), European Software Agency (E.S.A - ESA), Genetic (GNT - GET), Jazz, Maniacs (MNC), Sir and Mel Prods, Snurgelgmurf Soft.

Handle: TJM
Real Name: Paul Craig Roberts
Country: Scotland United Kingdom
Groups: Colour, Delite, Divine (DVN), Nuance (NCE)

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