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Found (for ProFound Sound (PFS) in groupid)
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Handle: Anders Akerheden
Real Name: Per Anders Henry Åkerheden Arrenius
Country: Sweden
Groups: NEBULA, ProFound Sound (PFS), The Spectre (Spectre), Third Eye

Handle: Awesome
Real Name: Victor Vergara Luján
Country: Spain
Groups: Exelweiss (EXW), Inside (INSD), Pandemia (PDM), ProFound Sound (PFS), Prophecy Inc., Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Third Eye, Wild Bits, WIZARD

Handle: BBD
Real Name: Mattias Nylund
Country: Sweden
Groups: ProFound Sound (PFS)

Handle: Caesar
Real Name: David Öhlin
Country: Sweden
Groups: ProFound Sound (PFS)

Handle: Elemental
Real Name: Jonathan Nel
Country: South Africa
Groups: Epinicion (EPI), Escaton Sound Productions (ESP), Night 55 (Night55 - N55), ProFound Sound (PFS)

Handle: Muzicae D.
Real Name: Mikael Hellman
Country: Denmark
Groups: ProFound Sound (PFS)

Handle: Nighthawk
Real Name: Martin Freij
Country: Sweden
Groups: ProFound Sound (PFS), Torrent Project, Wild Designs

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