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Found (for Silicon (SLC) in groupid)
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Handle: ASF
Real Name: Christian La Coste
Country: France
Groups: License V, Silicon (SLC), X-Men (Xmen)

Handle: HellFlip
Real Name: Thomas Gérard
Country: France
Groups: Silicon (SLC), X-Men (Xmen)

Handle: Ibanez
Real Name: Frédéric Munier
Country: France
Groups: Silicon (SLC)

Handle: Leon
Real Name: David Marchevet
Country: France R.I.P.
Groups: Darkness (DKS), Les Hérétiques, Next Generation Crew (NGC), Silicon (SLC), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Locust
Real Name: Ola Ekström
Country: Sweden
Groups: Excess, Silicon (SLC)

Handle: Maf
Real Name: Benoît Charcosset
Country: France R.I.P.
Groups: Cocoon, Hexod (HXD), JLT2, Kloon (KLN), Silicon (SLC), Syndrome (SDM), SynRJ

Handle: Mr. Young
Real Name: Baptiste Boilet
Country: France
Groups: Corpse (CRP - CPS - C), Hemoroids (HMD - HMR - HMS), Hybrid (HBD), Silicon (SLC), SynRJ

Handle: Sloody
Real Name: Laurent Belloni
Country: France
Groups: NetWork (NTW), REDLINE (RDL), Silicon (SLC)

Handle: thUg
Real Name: Virgile Metier
Country: France
Groups: Etilik, Mes Genoux Design (MG Design - MGD), Mirage (MRG - MGE), Retroguru, Silicon (SLC)

Handle: Zoon
Real Name: Emmanuel Bonald
Country: France
Groups: Albedo Daemons, Albedo Design, Darkness (DKS), Defiance Posse, IVORY (IVY), Lame Dezign, Silicon (SLC), The Master Guru Meditation (TMGM)

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