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Found (for Spoon (SPN) in groupid)
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Handle: B-Toven
Real Name: n/a
Country: Denmark
Groups: Disaster (DST), Spoon (SPN), Transonic

Handle: Christine de la Queen
Real Name: Christine Hansen
Country: Denmark
Groups: Creed, Disaster (DST), Dizzcount, Essence (ESC), Manitou (MTU), Obsession (OBS), Spoon (SPN), Transonic

Handle: Dino
Real Name: Dion René Jørgensen
Country: Denmark
Groups: Awesome (ASE), Budbrain, DIED, Parasite (PST), Prologic Software Systems (Prologic - PSS), Spoon (SPN), The Cult (CLT - Cult - Cultural Productions), The Electronic Knights (TEK), Trilogy (TGY - T)

Handle: Dreyer
Real Name: Klaus Dreyer
Country: Denmark
Groups: Blasphemy, Spoon (SPN), Subscure

Handle: Maz
Real Name: Magnus Svensson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Byte Busters (BB), Phoenix (PHX - PNX), Spoon (SPN), THEM (T)

Handle: Ramosa
Real Name: currently not public
Country: Denmark
Groups: Asylum, Connection, Legion (LGN), Oblivion (OBL), Passion (PSN), Perplex (PLX), Spoon (SPN)

Handle: Shayera
Real Name: John Hinge
Country: Denmark
Groups: Disaster (DST), Parasite (PST), Shayera Prod., Spoon (SPN), The Cult (CLT - Cult - Cultural Productions), Transonic

Handle: Subsonic
Real Name: Ruben Borup
Country: Denmark
Groups: Addicts (ADT), Disaster (DST), Litewerx, Puzzle (PZL), Spoon (SPN)

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