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Found (for Syndrome (SDM) in groupid)
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Handle: Angelwings
Real Name: Simon Brodersen
Country: Germany
Groups: Apex (APX), Syndrome (SDM), The Magic Guild (TMG)

Handle: Blue Silence
Real Name: Christophe Cassier
Country: France
Groups: 666, Atlas, Bad Karma (BK), Chainsaw Design, Devils (DVS - DEV), Eden, Friendship in Action (FTN - Faction), Next Generation Crew (NGC), NoooN, Nova, Resistance (RSE - RSZ), Syndrome (SDM), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Bosco
Real Name: Philippe Devauvre
Country: France
Groups: Amiga Personal EXpression (APEX - APX), Protagonist (PGT - PTG), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Denis
Real Name: n/a
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Amiga Personal EXpression (APEX - APX), Excess, NihonDreamers (NHD), Syndrome (SDM), Virtual Design (VDI)

Handle: Eagle
Real Name: Mathieu Fondreton
Country: France
Groups: AGOA, Honoo, Neuneu(x) Prods (Neuneux Prods), Psykotrope (PSK - PSYKO), Syndrome (SDM), The Young Men (TYM), Warp

Handle: Embroaz
Real Name: Benjamin Babou
Country: France
Groups: Babou Team (BabouTeam), Elend, Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Gandbox
Real Name: Gilles Guirand
Country: France
Groups: Badcat (BCT), Eden, IVORY (IVY), Next Generation Crew (NGC), SoLariS (SLS), Syndrome (SDM), The Blazing Team (TBT)

Handle: Jibe
Real Name: Julien Blanc
Country: France
Groups: Isch Crew (ISC), Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Leon
Real Name: David Marchevet
Country: France R.I.P.
Groups: Darkness (DKS), Les Hérétiques, Next Generation Crew (NGC), Silicon (SLC), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Maf
Real Name: Benoît Charcosset
Country: France R.I.P.
Groups: Cocoon, Hexod (HXD), JLT2, Kloon (KLN), Silicon (SLC), Syndrome (SDM), SynRJ

Handle: Oby One
Real Name: Loïc Kerferch
Country: France
Groups: Amiga Personal EXpression (APEX - APX), Protagonist (PGT - PTG), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Okeanos
Real Name: Olivier Degand
Country: France
Groups: Binary Bros pc (BB), CARTEL, Chimera Music (Chimera - CHM), Cocoon, Digital (DTL), Dreamdealers (DRD), eXtrait pc (XTR), Hexod (HXD), Nuance (NCE), Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Steelers (STLS), Syndrome (SDM), The Electronic Knights (TEK), The Special Brothers (TSB)

Handle: Rahow
Real Name: David Kaminski
Country: France Israel
Groups: Amiga Personal EXpression (APEX - APX), Darkness (DKS), Forighiensh A Yelloman, Les Shadocks (SHK), Psy-S, Quasar (QSR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Traven
Real Name: Romain Gauthier
Country: France
Groups: Amiga Personal EXpression (APEX - APX), Elend, Psy-S, Ramses Prod (Ramses), Syndrome (SDM)

Handle: Yogi
Real Name: Stéphane Paravigna
Country: France
Groups: Syndrome (SDM), Vital Motion (VM), Warp, X-Men (Xmen)

Handle: Zaac
Real Name: Laurent Samani
Country: France
Groups: Capsule (CSL - CPS), Mankind (MKD - M4nkind), NetWork (NTW), Psykotrope (PSK - PSYKO), Ramses Prod (Ramses), Syndrome (SDM)

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