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Found (for Wrath Designs (WD) in groupid)
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Handle: Brite-Lite
Real Name: Peter Halin
Country: Finland
Groups: Accession (ACC - ACS), Alpha Design, Da Hinurit (DH), Damones (DMS), Dekadence (DKD), Haujobb (HJB), Nightmare Productions, Phantasy (PHT), Rave Network Overscan (RNO - R.N.O.), Scallop (SCL), Supergroup (SGP), Up Rough (UP - UpRough - Up Rough Soundsystem - Up Rough Allstarz), Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Clone
Real Name: Calle
Country: Sweden
Groups: Devious Dezigns (Devious - DVS - DD), Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Corpsicle
Real Name: Jonas Ahlinder
Country: Sweden
Groups: Das FX (DFX), Insane (INS), Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Dalezy
Real Name: Ronny Engmann
Country: Germany
Groups: Blown to Bits (BTB), Chipmob (CPM), Creators (CTR), Defacto2 (DF2), Devotion to Darkness (DTD), Distance (DST), Ethos9 (E9), Fantastic 4 Cracking Group c64 (F4CG), Gothic Shapes (GS), House Experience (House Xperience - HX), Hymen (HY), Just (JS), Level-D (LVD), MadWizards (MAWI - MWI), Most Valuable Playaz (Mo'Playaz - MVP), Motivate (MTV), No, ONSLAUGHT (ONS), Radical Rhythms (RR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Rebels pc (RBS - RBL), Scoopex (SCX), Shock! Records (SKR), Shoot (SHT), Still pc (ST), Superior Art Creations (SAC), Supreme Immortal Art (SIA), Tequila (TQL), The Silents (TSL), Toyzone, Triad c64 (3AD), Tripomatic Project, Twist (TW), Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Dep
Real Name: Andreas Frederiksson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Das FX (DFX), Stellar (STR), Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Ed
Real Name: Eddie Svärd
Country: Sweden
Groups: Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Hein
Real Name: Hein Holt
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Analogue (ANA), BlackMail (BML), Density, Desire (DSR), Focus (FCS), Hyper Scientific Power (HSP), Lemon., Level 64 (L64), Orion (ORN), Recollection, Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Dutches, The Silents (TSL), Vision (VSN), Vivid (Vi), Wrath Designs (WD)

Handle: Odie
Real Name: Mattias Akerman
Country: Sweden
Groups: Damian (DMN), Morbos Design (MD), Section 5 (S5), The Gang (TG), Triangle (TRI), Wrath Designs (WD), X-Trade (XTD - XTR)

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