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Zenith (ZNT - Z)

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Handle: 2-Pac
Real Name: currently not public
Country: Germany
Groups: Awake, Defacto2 (DF2), Exort, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Scarlet, Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Arrakis
Real Name: Philippe Grussenmeyer
Country: France
Groups: Analog (ALG - A), Apology, Brain Wave (BW - BrainWave), Canal Cracker Crew (CCC), Crash, Mirage (MRG - MGE), Overgrowth, Thanatos, The French Connection, The Organized Spreading (TOS), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Beat Boy
Real Name: n/a
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Blue Silence
Real Name: Christophe Cassier
Country: France
Groups: 666, Atlas, Bad Karma (BK), Chainsaw Design, Devils (DVS - DEV), Eden, Friendship in Action (FTN - Faction), Next Generation Crew (NGC), NoooN, Nova, Resistance (RSE - RSZ), Syndrome (SDM), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Case
Real Name: Guglielmo Bottin
Country: Italy
Groups: Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Resistance (RSE - RSZ), The Doodles, The Doodles Foundation (TDF), The Doodles Shock (TDS - D^S), The Silents (TSL), Vega (VGA), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: CPT
Real Name: Benjamin Chapé
Country: France
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Angels, Crux (CRX), Devils (DVS - DEV), FISC, Fusion (FSN), Hoodlum (HDL - HLM), Hysteria (HST), Level 21, Offenders, Paradox (PDX), Phoenix (PHX - PNX), Scoopex (SCX), The Frog Buds (TFB - Frog), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Filippetto
Real Name: Filippo Rizzi
Country: Italy
Groups: Amaze (AMZ), International Cracking Service (ICS), Italian Cracking Service (ICS), Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Savage (SVG), The Silents (TSL), Vega (VGA), Zacco, Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Funschis
Real Name: Daniel von Schallen
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Hercules
Real Name: Gustaf Hull
Country: Sweden
Groups: Antagon, Enigma, Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Iron Cat
Real Name: Alain Hertenstein
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Chronos, Phoenix (PHX - PNX), Starhawks, The Ruling Company (TRC), Wolfen, Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Laxical
Real Name: Hans-Joachim Sobczak
Country: Germany
Groups: 100% Prophet, AcmE pc, Analog (ALG - A), Cream Design, Damones (DMS), Danish Gold (DG), Delight (DLT), Desire (DSR), Devils (DVS - DEV), Drgons (Dragons), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Dual Crew (DC), Enchant, Fairlight (FLT), Fusion (FSN), Hardline (HDL), Hellfire (HF), Hoodlum (HDL - HLM), INXS, Proton Limited (Proton Ltd. - PTN - Proton), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Resistance (RSE - RSZ), Scoopex (SCX), Secretly (SCL), Skid Row (SR - SKR), Surprise!Productions (S!P), SynRJ, The Dark Demon (TDD), The Electronic Knights (TEK), The Silents (TSL), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Vision (VSN), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Maverick
Real Name: n/a
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Zenith (ZNT - Z)

Handle: Nox
Real Name: Holger Meier
Country: Germany
Groups: Abakus, Agnostic Front (AF - AGF), Artefact, Circle, Leeds Spreading Division - Light Speed Distribution (LSD), Legend ([L] - LGD), Oxyron (OXY), Paradise (PDS - PRD - PDE - PSE), Pirates (PTS - PRT), Sceptic ($ceptic - SCP - $CP - STC - $TC), Supplex (SX - SPX), Tech Design (Tech), Zenith (ZNT - Z), Zeus

Handle: Rash
Real Name: n/a
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Crystal (CSL), Dylem (DLM), Optimal, Partek (PTK), Zenith (ZNT - Z)

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