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Found (for YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR) in groupid)
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Handle: 505
Real Name: Nils Feske
Country: Germany
Groups: Checkpoint (CPT), Creators (CTR), Paradox st, YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Beast
Real Name: Fredrik Havnesköld
Country: Sweden
Groups: Reanimators, The Syndicate (TSC), YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Crazy Q
Real Name: Christian Källström
Country: Sweden
Groups: Creators (CTR), Dead Hackers Society (DHS), Timebomb, TiTAN, YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: D-Force
Real Name: Matthijs Witteveen
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Damo
Real Name: Damian Russell
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Redlite, Reservoir Gods, YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Dubmood
Real Name: Kalle Jonsson
Country: France Sweden
Groups: Bastard Artists From Hell pc (Bastard Artists - BAFH), Chemical Reaction (CRO), FadeOut (FDT - FO), Fyllecell (FLC), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), TCA, Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Frazer
Real Name: Andreas Franzen
Country: Sweden
Groups: The Syndicate (TSC), YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Frequent
Real Name: Åsmund Tørnquist Johansen
Country: Norway
Groups: Ephidrena (EPH), Mavericks, YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Jochen Hippel
Real Name: Andreas Jochen Hippel
Country: Germany
Groups: The Exceptions (TEX - EXS - Exceptions), YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

Handle: Lotek Style
Real Name: Stefan Benz
Country: Germany
Groups: Icebird, Poets of Decay (POD), The Sirius Cybernetics Corporation (TSCC), Vinyl Kartell Klangkollektiv (VKK), YM Rockerz (YM-Rockerz - YMR)

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