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Found (for Analogik (ALG - ANA) in groupid)
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Handle: Arachno
Real Name: John Børge Tjelta
Country: Norway
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Chemical Reaction (CRO), CoolPHat (CPH), Cryptic Design, FadeOut (FDT - FO), National Musix Group, OldskwlArt, Sidbillies, Superior Art Creations (SAC)

Handle: DTrax
Real Name: Marco Stahl
Country: Germany
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Chemical Reaction (CRO), Cryptic Design, NMG, RXX, Superior Art Creations (SAC), Surprise!Productions (S!P)

Handle: Kenet
Real Name: Raphaël Quercy
Country: France
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Mandarine, Mutants Inc., Rebels pc (RBS - RBL), Ribbon, Squaredream, VLT

Handle: MED
Real Name: Cyril Pereira
Country: France
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Condense, French Collective, J'Ecoute, Logofactory, Prune pc, Velvet

Handle: Nagz
Real Name: David Halmi
Country: Hungary
Groups: 243, Analogik (ALG - ANA), Buzk Halaj (BH), Greenroom (GRM), J'Ecoute, Language Lab (LL), Maniacs of Noise (MON), MLB, PURE ENERGY (PE), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Scape Laboratoires, Section (STN), Tequila (TQL)

Handle: Red Ribbon
Real Name: Guillaume Romero
Country: France
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Comfortably Numbs st, Kreator st, Mandarine, Przyjaciele Stefana B (PSB), Squaredream, Zoo

Handle: Unaware
Real Name: Marcin Stachyra
Country: Poland
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA)

Handle: Vhiiula
Real Name: Andre Seffrin
Country: Germany
Groups: Agonymusic, Analogik (ALG - ANA), Backtrack (BKTR), Dawning (DAW), Panced Pictures, Psyvision

Handle: Xerxes
Real Name: Klaus Lunde
Country: Norway USA
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Brainstorm (BRS), Darklite (DKE), FadeOut (FDT - FO), Fairlight (FLT), Flex (FLX), Hellven (HV - HLVN), Hoodlum (HDL - HLM), Jade pc, Level-D (LVD), Night 55 (Night55 - N55), Prismatic, Ron Xerxes Project (RXP), Sonus (SNS), Spetsnaz (STZ), TITAN (TT - [T]), Triumph (TRI)

Handle: Zalza
Real Name: Alessandro Bulér
Country: Sweden
Groups: Analogik (ALG - ANA), Chippendales, Chipztream (CZM), CSP, Fromage (FR), Musiker, Novano pc, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Spin, Tequila (TQL), Titan (TTN)

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