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Handle: Dascon
Real Name: Bernd Hoffmann
Country: Germany
Groups: Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Delicious Designs (Delicious - DLS), Desire (DSR), Essence (ESC), Hardline (HDL), Haujobb (HJB), Illi Recentes ImperatoreS (IRIS - IRS), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), The Deadliners (Deadliners), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Juice
Real Name: Nikola Fox
Country: Croatia
Groups: 4our, Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Insane (INS), Phase Distortion (PHD - Phase D - Phase'd), TBS

Handle: Magnar
Real Name: Magnar Harestad
Country: Norway Sweden
Groups: Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Anarchy (A), Andromeda (AOA - ADR), Cavalry (CVY), Censor Design (Censor - CSR - CD), Legion Design c64 (LD), Lemon., Megastyle Inc. (MSI - MGS), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Noiseless, Offence (OFF!), Scoopex (SCX), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Black Lotus (TBL), The Pornos, The Silents (TSL)

Handle: Premium
Real Name: Michael Becker
Country: Germany
Groups: Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Desire (DSR), Insane (INS), OCS-Farts, Paradise (PDS - PRD - PDE - PSE)

Handle: Psycho
Real Name: Ivan Solaja
Country: Croatia
Groups: Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), OCS-Farts, Reality (RTY), Rebels (RBS - RBL), The Digital Force (TDF)

Handle: Rebb
Real Name: Teemu Pohjanlehto
Country: Finland
Groups: Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Grace (GRC - GCE), Instinct (ITC - INT), Mantra (MTA), ParaDise (PRD), Titan (TTN), TM!C, Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Tristar (TRS), Void

Handle: Triace
Real Name: Roland Voß
Country: Germany
Groups: Alpha Flight (AFL), Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Assault (ASL), Delight (DLT), Desire (DSR), Fear, Insane (INS), Laser Dance (LDC - LD), Maniacs (MNC), OCS-Farts, Platin (PLT), Retroguru, Synergy Design (SD - SYD - Synergy DeZign)

Handle: Virgill
Real Name: Jochen Feldkötter
Country: Germany
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Artwork (ATW - ART), Coma (CMA), Complex (CLX), Endzeit (EZT), Essence (ESC), Haujobb (HJB), Maniacs of Noise (MON), Masque (MSQ), Ministry (MNS - MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Panic, Rebels (RBS - RBL), Rosebud, Sanity (SNT - S), Scoopex (SCX), Surprise!Productions (S!P), TBB, The Powers That Be (TPTB), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

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