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Handle: Radix
Real Name: currently not public
Lived in: Sweden
Ex.Handles: Tomten, Mosaik, .rad, Radiks, Radikson, Radj, Radji, Radjik, Rymdlego, Sinespree, Sunflake
Was a member of: Alpha Flight (AFL), Analogue Music (Analogue), Balance (BLC), Bazooka, Deluxe pc, Digisonix, Duplo (DPL), Groove (GRV), Insane (INS), Level-D (LVD), Limited Edition (LED - L.E.D.), Meka Design (MKD - Meka), Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Phenomena (PHA), Pulse (PLS), Replay, Smoke, Solitude (SDE), The Black Lotus (TBL), The Planet of Leather Moomins (TPOLM)

Modules: 174  online
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Pictures: 7  online

.:: 174 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Hits Infos
      toxic rain Radix MOD 46Kb 912
    distant voices Radix MOD 133Kb 722
* CoLoUrS * Lluvia & Radix XM 1112Kb 999
--== bionic ==-- Radix MOD 48Kb 614
--==brainless 3==-- Radix MOD 7Kb 619
-= sanctuary =- Radix MOD 155Kb 611
. yellow but kool Elusive & Radix XM 243Kb 722
<=*=> slouch <=*=> Radix MOD 48Kb 551
a shogun named paul Radix XM 885Kb 720
Abbey Road Radix XM 114Kb 643
arnie ate my waltz Radix MOD 159Kb 530
asm95 icecream girl Radix XM 21Kb 616
beyond Radix MOD 97Kb 626
Bitwrestler Radix MOD 19Kb 590
bomb da bass!! Radix MOD 147Kb 589
brainless2 Radix MOD 11Kb 545
breakbeat.17 Radix MOD 167Kb 569
bridget hall Radix MOD 64Kb 557
bright eyes Radix XM 10Kb 817
cascade Radix XM 67Kb 615
check yer feet Radix MOD 136Kb 673
chip experience Radix MOD 8Kb 598
chiptjat Radix MOD 3Kb 539
clairvoyance Radix MOD 19Kb 624
confusion Radix MOD 68Kb 563
convulsion to obey Radix MOD 247Kb 577
cosmix Radix MOD 109Kb 573
cought in act Radix MOD 208Kb 502
dandruff groove Jazz & Radix MOD 421Kb 912
Daytripper Radix XM 180Kb 607
defecation Radix MOD 181Kb 526
defecation5.defective  Radix MOD 144Kb 260
destiny Radix MOD 80Kb 505
Deus Ex Machina II? Jazz & Radix XM 506Kb 730
distant voice <==--  by ra Radix MOD 9Kb 479
donovan's moonbike Radix XM 183Kb 642
dreams Radix MOD 3Kb 588
emelie Radix XM 147Kb 600
Evidence Radix XM 167Kb 519
family ties final Fndr & Radix MOD 550Kb 1305
fire&ice Radix MOD 64Kb 530
fire&ice 2 Radix MOD 66Kb 503
flair Radix MOD 19Kb 488
flavour Radix MOD 158Kb 493
Forever Love Liam the Lemming & Radix IT 461Kb 647
friendchip Radix MOD 21Kb 631
fushigina shima Radix XM 634Kb 542
galactik maggots Radix MOD 62Kb 511
gemini 6 Radix MOD 145Kb 520
give u up Radix MOD 222Kb 550
globetrotter blues Radix MOD 207Kb 28
gone fishing Radix & Tito XM 242Kb 759
groovin moomin Radix MOD 297Kb 535
gummibears Radix XM 260Kb 545
hammastahna Radix MOD 4Kb 506
happier sundays Radix MOD 28Kb 615
happy hours Radix MOD 7Kb 552
happy sundays Radix MOD 21Kb 837
hazel Elusive & Radix MOD 135Kb 620
hazel.dif Elusive & Radix MOD 191Kb 461
helt cp Radix MOD 26Kb 469
hi-velocity.1 Radix MOD 89Kb 485
high hunt Radix XM 74Kb 537
humanized 2 Radix MOD 195Kb 503
i realize Radix XM 2061Kb 725
i realize.LTP3 Radix XM 809Kb 33
I want a pony Radix XM 71Kb 576
I've got a pony Radix XM 68Kb 583
Icing Invitation Radix XM 118Kb 503
if radix was mine Radix MOD 477Kb 560
images Radix XM 8Kb 551
imaginary friend Radix XM 17Kb 709
impact Radix MOD 78Kb 527
ink ribbon Jazz & Radix MOD 254Kb 618
J. Dowell & Son Radix XM 24Kb 176
judo grooves Radix XM 11Kb 541
judo grooves.alt Radix XM 11Kb 37
kookoo Loonie & Radix XM 12Kb 619
la blue girl Radix XM 374Kb 774
libero.soundtrack Radix MOD 8Kb 490
linda's world Radix XM 11Kb 571
little adventure Radix XM 6Kb 532
loststar Radix MOD 93Kb 525
ma petite fleur Radix XM 26Kb 741
manic funk.1 Radix MOD 130Kb 479
Marsian Girl Radix XM 197Kb 572
mia&i Radix XM 10Kb 555
milk Radix MOD 146Kb 29
mirkwood tales Radix XM 385Kb 183
moon of my own Radix XM 148Kb 603
mountain king Radix MOD 5Kb 612
mushroom colored Radix MOD 125Kb 28
mushroom.1 Radix MOD 7Kb 535
my little ponies Radix MOD 7Kb 585
nebular mind Radix MOD 159Kb 498
nemesis Radix MOD 89Kb 532
nightfall v2.0 Radix MOD 228Kb 572
noooooooooooooooooo Radix MOD 8Kb 482
nowhere Radix MOD 2Kb 512
outlaw & folkhem Radix MOD 157Kb 497
paul the penguin Radix MOD 6Kb 749
pedigree pal Radix XM 79Kb 506
peekaboo Radix XM 281Kb 552
pineapple Radix MOD 63Kb 452
pineapple.dif Radix MOD 63Kb 403
planet love Elusive & Radix XM 102Kb 572
playboy Radix XM 407Kb 493
polyester Radix MOD 6Kb 606
pony pop princess Radix XM 754Kb 606
pop Radix MOD 4Kb 522
Pork Soda Radix XM 6Kb 541
pustule.1 Radix MOD 113Kb 477
radix extra bjelle2 Radix MOD 6Kb 477
radix phone home Radix MOD 6Kb 493
radix2 Radix MOD 15Kb 487
radix3 Radix MOD 6Kb 506
Rainbow Dash Radix & Cerror & Xylo XM 23Kb 175
rainy summerdays Radix MOD 5Kb 1526
reflection Radix MOD 158Kb 552
remedy2 Radix MOD 29Kb 522
rising storm Radix MOD 73Kb 475
rivendell Radix & Skize XM 386Kb 522
rymdfunk.short2 Radix MOD 466Kb 540
rymdlego Radix XM 39Kb 622
santzia's shoes Radix MOD 8Kb 510
sarsippius' ark Radix XM 179Kb 524
saskatchewan Loonie & Radix XM 15Kb 727
saucers Radix XM 1867Kb 589
scandal Radix XM 66Kb 482
seldom seen Radix XM 710Kb 535
shapes Radix XM 313Kb 540
sometimes Radix XM 618Kb 553
soultrain Cascade & Radix MOD 265Kb 559
space-spasms Radix MOD 2Kb 499
spaceblinded Epithal & Radix MOD 107Kb 481
spaceflower Radix MOD 146Kb 548
spaceflowers part#1 Radix MOD 32Kb 490
strangled mind Radix MOD 113Kb 521
summerdays Radix MOD 5Kb 564
sunchild Radix XM 79Kb 536
sunjammer Radix XM 156Kb 571
sunrise Radix MOD 115Kb 509
sunrise (part2) Radix MOD 93Kb 466
sunstreak Radix XM 3Kb 561
superchip Radix MOD 5Kb 542
superchip #2 Radix MOD 6Kb 548
superglam Radix XM 611Kb 598
SUPERNOVA Radix FST 143Kb 482
supernova Radix MOD 112Kb 554
system opera Qen & Radix MOD 13Kb 533
take on me Radix XM 72Kb 673
techno2 Radix MOD 114Kb 27
texas ranger 3 Beek & Radix XM 238Kb 427
texas ranger2 Radix MOD 223Kb 26
the transformers Radix XM 943Kb 598
tilbury fair Radix MOD 436Kb 572
Tilbury Fair Radix FST 436Kb 43
tpolmboy Radix XM 9Kb 571
tpolmgirl Radix XM 9Kb 593
trainspotting Radix XM 9Kb 550
true Radix & Scorpik XM 1483Kb 955
unreal goes camping Radix XM 10Kb 595
unreal superhero Radix XM 11Kb 1053
wasted worlds Radix MOD 149Kb 511
weather girl Radix XM 19Kb 683
wellington boots Radix MOD 93Kb 553
wierd chip Radix MOD 4Kb 520
wojteks farm Radix & Unreal XM 753Kb 212
wondergirl (you&me) Radix XM 10Kb 422
wondergirl (you&me).long Radix XM 11Kb 189
yendi Radix XM 178Kb 758
yoghurt factory Radix XM 5Kb 642
you & me Radix XM 12Kb 664
__<<<< heresy >>>> Radix MOD 60Kb 538

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