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Handle: Wonder
Real Name: Guillermo Simmross Wattenberg
Lived in: Spain
Ex.Handles: n/a
Was a member of: Elerium Core, Fuzzion pc, Inside (INSD), Quad, Savage, Stravaganza

Modules: 153  online
Interview: none available - (click me to download the interview form!)
Pictures: 7  online

.:: 153 Hits ::.
Module Composer Format Size Infos
30 min street compo fight Wonder S3M 13Kb
303 HI-FI Power BassDrum Wally & Wonder & Naif IT 530Kb
A man in a bottle Wonder S3M 15Kb
Ajotronic Wonder MOD 120Kb
Alien Dawn I Wonder IT 513Kb
Alien Dawn II Wonder IT 541Kb
Alien Dawn III Wonder IT 612Kb
Alien Dawn IV Wonder IT 1406Kb
Alrapuhsa Wonder MOD 233Kb
BCN Party 100 Invtro Wonder IT 145Kb
Bloodless love Wonder IT 580Kb
Chip me la Wonder IT 5Kb
Cold Wet Leaf Wonder S3M 508Kb
Damned Soul Wonder S3M 642Kb
Dark Ritual Smash! & Wonder S3M 618Kb
Donsi power Wonder IT 116Kb
Emptiness feeling Wonder IT 6Kb
Escena.org intro Wonder IT 224Kb
Esto rocks Smash! & Wonder & Naif MOD 336Kb
Euskal Party XI Invtro Wonder IT 290Kb
Euskal Wars Wonder MOD 15Kb
Factor Zero Wonder IT 524Kb
Faded and reborn Wonder IT 563Kb
fast porn leeching Wonder & Naif IT 245Kb
Firelight Wonder S3M 299Kb
Freddy's walkabout Wonder S3M 434Kb
Frogzilla Wonder IT 191Kb
Funkringitis Wonder IT 83Kb
Harvester of sorrow Wonder IT 21Kb
Haunted Forest Wonder IT 400Kb
Haunted Forest II Wonder IT 502Kb
Horace in the space Wonder IT 5Kb
Inner Fixing Wonder IT 779Kb
Johnny boy is alive! Wonder MOD 257Kb
Juice Ooze Wonder MOD 209Kb
Juice Ooze - Wonder Wonder MOD 209Kb
Konicson Wonder MOD 10Kb
Konicsong Wonder S3M 10Kb
La fuente de lesheee Wonder S3M 220Kb
Lands of eternity Wonder IT 873Kb
Livin' in Ctra. Ajalvir Wonder & Naif IT 293Kb
Livin' on Strike one Wonder MOD 173Kb
Loop ginkanero Wonder IT 973Kb
Mental Corrosion Wonder IT 2458Kb
Miles away Wonder IT 294Kb
Mind Blur Wonder MOD 18Kb
Monk I Wonder S3M 355Kb
Monk II Wonder S3M 267Kb
Monk III Wonder S3M 332Kb
Monk IV Wonder S3M 186Kb
Monk IX Wonder S3M 340Kb
Monk L Wonder S3M 47Kb
Monk LI Wonder S3M 48Kb
Monk LII Wonder S3M 79Kb
Monk LIII Wonder S3M 39Kb
Monk LIV Wonder S3M 55Kb
Monk LV Wonder S3M 52Kb
Monk V Wonder S3M 486Kb
Monk VI Wonder S3M 273Kb
Monk VII Wonder S3M 319Kb
Monk VIII Wonder S3M 308Kb
Monk X Wonder S3M 129Kb
Monk XI Wonder S3M 64Kb
Monk XII Wonder S3M 233Kb
Monk XIII Wonder S3M 81Kb
Monk XIV Wonder S3M 247Kb
Monk XIX Wonder S3M 197Kb
Monk XL Wonder S3M 156Kb
Monk XLI Wonder S3M 17Kb
Monk XLII Wonder S3M 107Kb
Monk XLIII Wonder S3M 94Kb
Monk XLIV Wonder S3M 133Kb
Monk XLIX Wonder S3M 33Kb
Monk XLV Wonder S3M 87Kb
Monk XLVI Wonder S3M 60Kb
Monk XLVII Wonder S3M 119Kb
Monk XLVIII Wonder S3M 155Kb
Monk XV Wonder S3M 153Kb
Monk XVI Wonder S3M 273Kb
Monk XVII Wonder S3M 38Kb
Monk XVIII Wonder S3M 51Kb
Monk XX Wonder S3M 50Kb
Monk XXI Wonder S3M 141Kb
Monk XXII Wonder S3M 36Kb
Monk XXIII Wonder S3M 72Kb
Monk XXIV Wonder S3M 116Kb
Monk XXIX Wonder S3M 103Kb
Monk XXV Wonder S3M 116Kb
Monk XXVI Wonder S3M 83Kb
Monk XXVII Wonder S3M 66Kb
Monk XXVIII Wonder S3M 56Kb
Monk XXX Wonder S3M 107Kb
Monk XXXI Wonder S3M 95Kb
Monk XXXII Wonder S3M 28Kb
Monk XXXIII Wonder S3M 70Kb
Monk XXXIV Wonder S3M 151Kb
Monk XXXIX Wonder S3M 17Kb
Monk XXXV Wonder S3M 75Kb
Monk XXXVI Wonder S3M 79Kb
Monk XXXVII Wonder S3M 47Kb
Monk XXXVIII Wonder S3M 78Kb
Motherfuckers' party song Wonder IT 393Kb
My dealer is rich Wonder & JosSs IT 1243Kb
My taylor is the dealer Wonder & JosSs IT 976Kb
Newport groove Wonder IT 540Kb
Nonsense noise Wonder S3M 26Kb
Nuclear Blitz Wonder IT 450Kb
O un completo jarl Wonder MOD 179Kb
Pardi Kirl Smash! & Wonder IT 643Kb
Pro-Pizzer Wonder IT 206Kb
Queen of Sun Smash! & Wonder S3M 264Kb
Rabbit Park Wonder IT 79Kb
Rad demo song Wonder IT 491Kb
Recycled Wonder IT 18Kb
Reggaetonphobia Wonder IT 991Kb
Remember Nothing Wonder S3M 714Kb
Resurrection Wonder S3M 190Kb
Revenge Wonder S3M 142Kb
Robot Island Wonder S3M 16Kb
Rokabilis-Totar! Smash! & Wonder MOD 39Kb
Romancing the sea Wonder S3M 590Kb
Romancing the sea - Wonder Wonder S3M 591Kb
Rubber burner Wonder IT 22Kb
Rum & lemon Wonder MOD 263Kb
Sacred fields Wonder S3M 195Kb
Ship to Nowhere Wonder S3M 305Kb
Spacy abstractus Wonder IT 62Kb
Sr87 3k Wonder IT 146Kb
Stravaganza Vote Counter Wonder IT 483Kb
Strike one Wonder & Naif MOD 262Kb
Strike one.lng Wonder & Naif MOD 262Kb
Symphony in E Minor Smash! & Wonder MOD 3Kb
Teviacometolonegro!! Wonder MOD 369Kb
Teviacometolonegro!!.party Wonder MOD 391Kb
The damn hardcore module Wonder IT 156Kb
ThE GuArDiAn 2005 Remix Wonder IT 168Kb
The Sorcerer Wonder S3M 615Kb
This Way Wonder IT 1153Kb
Tiger pumping Wonder & Herotyc IT 490Kb
Trainbration Wonder IT 5Kb
Travel in time Wonder IT 667Kb
Ula bulula Wonder IT 6Kb
Vomit Wonder IT 521Kb
Want four k? Wonder IT 3Kb
Wasted life Wonder S3M 147Kb
Welcome Home (Sanitarium) Wonder IT 28Kb
What she never was Wonder IT 527Kb
Wishing well Wonder IT 565Kb
Wishing well. by Wonder Wonder IT 685Kb
Wondering the machine Wonder S3M 217Kb
Wondering why Wonder S3M 440Kb
Wrecked Wonder IT 369Kb

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