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Handle: Danthalian
Real Name: Krzysztof Odachowski
Country: Poland
Groups: Clan, Mystery, Nexus (NX), Sector 5, Sound Killers, Stage Diving Club, TheFect, X-Tension (XTE)

Handle: Elmek
Real Name: Seweryn Cielen
Country: Poland
Groups: Asphyx, Clan, Erotic Design (ERC), Obsession (OBS), Scalaris (SCS), Terradrome, THE FUN FACTORY (TFF)

Handle: Gilo
Real Name: Tomasz Gillert
Country: Poland
Groups: Anzio, Clan, Illi Recentes ImperatoreS (IRIS - IRS)

Handle: Mr. Uhu
Real Name: Jaroslaw Ciszowski
Country: Poland
Groups: Clan, Freezers (FRS - FRZ), OftenHide, Phuture 303 (P303), Rave Network Overscan (RNO - R.N.O.), Scum (SCM), The Intruders (ITS), Voodka People

Handle: Perry
Real Name: Paweî Chmielewski
Country: Poland
Groups: Anzio, Clan

Handle: Samael
Real Name: Jakub Szatkowski
Country: Poland
Groups: Clan, Illi Recentes ImperatoreS (IRIS - IRS), Zetec (ZTC)

Handle: Scyman
Real Name: n/a
Country: Poland
Groups: Clan

Handle: Yoyo
Real Name: Grezegorz Juraszek
Country: Poland
Groups: Clan, High Voltage (HV - HV!), Illusion (ILS - ILL), MadWizards (MAWI - MWI)

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