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Found (for Defjam (DJ) in groupid)
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Handle: Antiaction
Real Name: Stefan Boberg
Country: Sweden
Groups: Angels, Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), D-Mob, Defjam (DJ), Phenomena (PHA), Red Sector Inc. (RSI), Tetragon (T), The Software Wizards (TSW), Vortex 42 (V42)

Handle: Boerni
Real Name: Björn Nilsson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Altair, Angels, Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), Defjam (DJ), Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Red Sector Inc. (RSI), Super Conductors (SuperConductors)

Handle: Codeman
Real Name: Niklas Alvaeus
Country: Sweden
Groups: Adept, Dazzle (DZL), Defjam (DJ), The Maffia (Maffia), Top Swap (TS)

Handle: Damien
Real Name: Damien Matthews
Country: Australia
Groups: Anthrox (ATX), Defjam (DJ), Skid Row (SR - SKR), Switch (STH), The Masters, The Punishers (PNS)

Handle: DJ Pee
Real Name: Petteri Sinervä
Country: Finland
Groups: Defjam (DJ), Genocide (GCI - GNI), Halo

Handle: Friday
Real Name: Andreas Rodman
Country: Sweden
Groups: Defiers c64, Defjam (DJ), Epsilon Designs (Epsilon), Mute 101, Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star)

Handle: George II
Real Name: Georg Essl
Country: Austria
Groups: Defjam (DJ), Spreadpoint (SP - SPT), Subway, Subway and Spreadpoint (SSP), Subway and The Dream Team (STDT), The Dream Team (TDT), The Professionals

Handle: Il Scuro
Real Name: Ron Birk
Country: Sweden USA
Groups: Angels, Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), Defjam (DJ), Red Sector Inc. (RSI), The Goonies c64, The Outrunners (TOR - Outrunners), The Young Ones (TYO)

Handle: Jarre
Real Name: Steve ???
Country: Australia
Groups: Angels, Australian Crackers United (ACU - A.C.U.), Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), Defjam (DJ), Fresh (FSH), Phantasie (PTS), Red Sector Inc. (RSI), Switch (STH), The Fire Starters (TFS), The Punishers (PNS)

Handle: Mekkannik
Real Name: n/a
Country: Australia
Groups: Angels, Betrayal (Golden Betrayal - BTL), Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), Defjam (DJ), Prophecy (PCY), Red Sector Inc. (RSI), The Punishers (PNS)

Handle: The Black Adder
Real Name: n/a
Country: Unknown
Groups: Angels, Computerbrains Cracking Service (CCS), Defjam (DJ), Red Sector Inc. (RSI)

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