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Found (for Instinct (ITC - INT) in groupid)
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Handle: Angeldust
Real Name: Markus Nimtz
Country: Germany
Groups: Absurd (ABS), Apathy (APT), Instinct (ITC - INT), Liquid Skies Records (LQS), Mantra (MTA), Neoplasia (NPL), Phuture 303 (P303), Rave Network Overscan (RNO - R.N.O.), Zetec (ZTC)

Handle: Chauple
Real Name: Henning Kåre Pedersen
Country: Norway
Groups: Contraz (CTZ - CZ), Illi Recentes ImperatoreS (IRIS - IRS), Instinct (ITC - INT), The Lobsters

Handle: Chriz
Real Name: Anders Dahl
Country: Norway
Groups: Apathy (APT), Banana Dezign (BDZ - BD), Contraz (CTZ - CZ), Element (EMT), Instinct (ITC - INT), Massive (MSV), Mavericks, Music Alive, Saints (STS - SNT)

Handle: Damnation
Real Name: n/a
Country: New Zealand
Groups: Digital Corruption (dC), Instinct (ITC - INT)

Handle: Duck-Hunter
Real Name: Dinh Hai Nguyen
Country: Norway
Groups: Instinct (ITC - INT), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), The Lobsters, X-Factor (XF)

Handle: Enigmus H.
Real Name: n/a
Country: Norway
Groups: Apathy (APT), Cyberdogs, Instinct (ITC - INT), X-Factor (XF)

Handle: Genetix
Real Name: Alan Dunn
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Darkage (DKG), Fabiness, Instinct (ITC - INT), Mangoo, Nautika, Vortex (VTX)

Handle: Hansee
Real Name: Hans Petter Sommersen (ex. Hans-Petter Hansen)
Country: Norway
Groups: Abnormeda, Banana Dezign (BDZ - BD), Brainstorm (BRS), Compact Inc., Connection, Destiny (DTY), Instinct (ITC - INT), Talent (TLN - TLT - TAL)

Handle: Kollaps
Real Name: Jakob Vedel Sørensen
Country: Denmark
Groups: Depth (DPH - DTH), Focus Design (FD - FCS), Gunnars Farvebio (GFB), Instinct (ITC - INT), Light, Q-Branch, The Cult (CLT - Cult - Cultural Productions)

Handle: Misagn
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Evacue (EVC), Indy, Instinct (ITC - INT), Orb, Psionic (PSI)

Handle: Mr. X
Real Name: Morten Bolstad
Country: Norway
Groups: 242, Apathy (APT), Atomic (ATC - ATM), Donut Fetish (DNF), Giants (GTS), Instinct (ITC - INT), STRANGE, Team Extreme

Handle: Powerslave
Real Name: Nick Hall
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Gods (GDS), Instinct (ITC - INT), Ultima, Void

Handle: Radiance
Real Name: Kenneth Schulstad
Country: Norway
Groups: Danger Zone (DZone), Illi Recentes ImperatoreS (IRIS - IRS), Instinct (ITC - INT), Massive (MSV)

Handle: Rebb
Real Name: Teemu Pohjanlehto
Country: Finland
Groups: Amiga Birthday Committee (ABC), Grace (GRC - GCE), Instinct (ITC - INT), Mantra (MTA), ParaDise (PRD), Titan (TTN), TM!C, Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Tristar (TRS), Void

Handle: Skinner
Real Name: Kjell Espen Johansen
Country: Norway
Groups: Eltech (ELT), Instinct (ITC - INT), Sleepwalkers, The Sugar Cubes (TSC), Void

Handle: Tentacle
Real Name: Klaus Arne Kuhr
Country: Norway
Groups: Apathy (APT), Cyber Soft., Instinct (ITC - INT)

Handle: Tranceplant
Real Name: n/a
Country: Norway
Groups: Instinct (ITC - INT)

Handle: Vogue
Real Name: Magnus Högdahl
Country: Sweden
Groups: Instinct (ITC - INT), Orb, Phenomena (PHA), The Physical Crew (TPC), Triton (TRN)

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