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Found (for Maximum (MxM) in groupid)
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Handle: 2Fast
Real Name: Jens
Country: Germany
Groups: Avantgarde (AVT), Brilliance (BCE), Damian (DMN), Hellfire (HF), Insania, Maximum (MxM), Taurus (T), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Doko E.
Real Name: Lennart Hellinger
Country: Germany
Groups: Incal (ICL), Maximum (MxM), Resolution, Scoopex (SCX), The Electronic Knights (TEK), Vision Inc.

Handle: Malik
Real Name: Jalal Ouissal
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Maximum (MxM), Theralite

Handle: Puryx
Real Name: Christian Rønde
Country: Denmark
Groups: Flood (FLD), Maximum (MxM), Pittsburgh Stallers pc, Relish, Scarab ([S] - SCR), Trakkerz By Choice pc (TBC), UNIQUE (U)

Handle: RVO
Real Name: Robbin van Ooij
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Maximum (MxM)

Handle: Sonic
Real Name: Marcus Thiel
Country: Germany
Groups: Act, Artwork (ATW - ART), Avantgarde (AVT), Brilliance (BCE), Dental, Desert (DST), Epic, Mad Elks (MDE), Maximum (MxM), Neo (N!), Orion (ORN), Platin (PLT), Prime Design (Prime), Pulse, Vanish (VSH)

Handle: The Riverman
Real Name: n/a
Country: Norway
Groups: Maximum (MxM)

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