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Handle: Android
Real Name: Jonas Kapla
Country: Sweden
Groups: Project Zero (PZ), Subspace (SBS - SSC), Three Little Elks (3 Little Elks - 3LE)

Handle: Blade
Real Name: Per-Olof Rommell
Country: Sweden
Groups: Asylum Inc. (Asylum), Bodyworks (BW), BSM, Deadline Design, Hades, Inhumans (IHS), Sagazity (SGZ), Sardonyx (SDX), Subspace (SBS - SSC), Up Rough (UP - UpRough - Up Rough Soundsystem - Up Rough Allstarz), Up Rough Kidz

Handle: Colorbird
Real Name: Johan Andersson
Country: Norway Sweden
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), ATOMIC, Circle (CiR), Exile, IlluSion (ILS), Jetset (JS), Majic 12 (M12 - MJ12), Noxious (NXS), Patriots, Phenomena (PHA), Phew! Productions, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Scoopex (SCX), Strange (STR), Subspace (SBS - SSC), Supplex (SX - SPX), The Silents (TSL)

Handle: Confidence
Real Name: Magnus Isaksson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Artwork (ATW - ART), Balance (BLC), Duplo (DPL), Insane (INS), Lunacy, Subspace (SBS - SSC), SYNDROME (SND - SDM)

Handle: Deelite
Real Name: Henrik Bertilsson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Balance (BLC), Enigma, Infinity (IFT - INF), Nova Inc. (NOVA), Noxious (NXS), Phew! Productions, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Smoke, Spectre, Stile (STL), Strange (STR), Subspace (SBS - SSC), Sunshine Productions (SSP - SSH - SS), Thirteenth Night, Triad (3AD), Vomit, X-Trade (XTD - XTR), Xentric

Handle: Elusive
Real Name: Peter Hippeläinen
Country: Sweden
Groups: BTG, C-Lous (CLS - C!S - C!L), Giants (GTS), New Age, Peek, Penta, Sardonyx (SDX), Smoke, Subspace (SBS - SSC), Up Rough (UP - UpRough - Up Rough Soundsystem - Up Rough Allstarz), Up Rough Kidz, Yodel (YDL)

Handle: Fudge
Real Name: Fredrik Allerskar
Country: Sweden
Groups: Bodyworks (BW), Inhumans (IHS), Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: Infant
Real Name: René van der Steen
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: ABNORMAL (ABN), AcmE pc, Balance (BLC), Conquest (CNQ), Da Bagger Production Posse (DBPP - D.B.P.P. - Bagger Posse - BGR), Desire (DSR), Divas (DIV), Essence (ESC), Facet's Pussy (FP), Intense (ITS - I), K, K!nky (KKY - Kinky), Lemon., Motive, Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), New Age, Oops (OPS), Royal (RYL), Score, Session (SSN), Silicon Limited (Silicon Ltd. - SLC - SCL), Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: Lizardking
Real Name: Gustaf Grefberg
Country: Sweden
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Comic Cracking Crew (CCC), Fashion8, Groove (GRV), Maniacs of Noise (MON), Merregnon Studios, Phenomena (PHA), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), StarBreeze Studios, Strange (STR), Subspace (SBS - SSC), The Black Lotus (TBL), The Pornos, The Silents (TSL), Triton (TRN)

Handle: Morrow
Real Name: Carl Johan Naes
Country: Sweden
Groups: Byte Busters (BB), C-Lous (CLS - C!S - C!L), Infect (IFT), Mangoo, Medicine, Mystix (MTX), Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Rebels (RBS - RBL), Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: Mr. C
Real Name: Fredrik Haugen
Country: Norway
Groups: Almagest (AGT), Existence, Floppy (FLP - Flopi), Hyperia, Illusion (ILS - ILL), Perspective Dezign, Sound Entity, Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: MRK
Real Name: Mattias R. Kylen
Country: Sweden
Groups: ENERGY (ENG), Industry, Insane (INS), Jewels (JWS), Limited Edition (LED - L.E.D.), Squash, Subspace (SBS - SSC), Sunshine Productions (SSP - SSH - SS), Vision (VSN)

Handle: Newt
Real Name: Christian Mezöfi
Country: Sweden
Groups: Abyss (AYS), Crux (CRX), Diffusion (DFN), ELECTRA, Royal (RYL), Sardonyx (SDX), Simplex Inc. (Simplex - SPX), Subspace (SBS - SSC)

Handle: Rioter
Real Name: Johan Steen
Country: Sweden
Groups: Brains, Equinox (EQX), Ice, Necatrix, NinjaForce (NFC), Scoopex (SCX), Subspace (SBS - SSC), The Computer Boys c64 (TCB), The Powerlords (TPL - The Powerlords Corporation)

Handle: Scout
Real Name: Mikael Kalms
Country: Sweden
Groups: Appendix (APX - APD), Artwork (ATW - ART), C-Lous (CLS - C!S - C!L), Epadrena (EPA), Insane (INS), NetWork (NTW), Subspace (SBS - SSC), The Black Lotus (TBL)

Handle: Substance
Real Name: Joonas Vähämäki
Country: Finland
Groups: Akvaario Projects, Avocado (AVC), Deimos, Disciples of Ageema (BGirl - Ageema Blues - Black Sista! - Black Sista Allstars), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Embassy (EMB), Flying Cows Inc. (FCI - F.C.I.), Illegal, Illogik, Inflow, K!nky (KKY - Kinky), MadWizards (MAWI - MWI), Massive (MSV), Mono211 (M211), Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Phuture 303 (P303), Prime Time, Rave Network Overscan (RNO - R.N.O.), Saints (STS - SNT), Subspace (SBS - SSC), TRSi and FairLight Recordz, Up Rough (UP - UpRough - Up Rough Soundsystem - Up Rough Allstarz), Voodoo (VDO), Zymosis (ZMO - ZMS)

Handle: Zalo
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Rebecca, Subspace (SBS - SSC)

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