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Found (for Spirit (SPT) in groupid)
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Handle: 911
Real Name: Martyn Deykers
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Desire (DSR), Grace (GRC - GCE), Hypnosis, Mekanix, Rebels (RBS - RBL), Scoop Design, Spirit (SPT), The Movement (MVT - MOT - MNT), The Silents (TSL)

Handle: Blacky
Real Name: Cyril Bays
Country: Switzerland
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Excess, Legend ([L] - LGD), Nemesis (NMS), Spirit (SPT), Style and Blacky, Unlimited (ULN - UNI), Vega (VGA), Virtual Design (VDI), X-Trek (X!)

Handle: Bloody
Real Name: Tuukka Paavola
Country: Finland
Groups: Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Bytemaster
Real Name: n/a
Country: Germany
Groups: Spirit (SPT)

Handle: CC6
Real Name: Christophe Chancenest
Country: France
Groups: Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Daddy Freddy
Real Name: Samuli Kärkikuoma
Country: Finland
Groups: Alcatraz (ATZ - ACZ), Amaze (AMZ), Anthrox (ATX), Decept (DCT), Delicious Designs (Delicious - DLS), Scoopex (SCX), Scrapers (SCR), Spirit (SPT), Twilight (TWT)

Handle: Dalos
Real Name: Pasi Rainio
Country: Finland
Groups: Bladerunners, Culture, Eskimos (ESK), Phase (PHS), Spirit (SPT), The Fun Factory Productions (The Fun Factory - TFF - TFFP), Wartec (WTC)

Handle: Hogan
Real Name: Alexander
Country: Germany
Groups: Abandon (ABN), Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Holger Kral
Real Name: Holger Kral
Country: Germany
Groups: Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Madzic
Real Name: n/a
Country: France
Groups: Arcenix, End of Century 1999 (EOC 1999 - EOC), Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Melodic Drama
Real Name: n/a
Country: Germany
Groups: Countach (CNT), Spirit (SPT), The Navigators, Vogue (VGE)

Handle: Mental
Real Name: Eris Sassin
Country: France
Groups: Absolute! (ABS - ABS!), Anarchy (A), Atlantys (ATS), Spirit (SPT), Tech Design (Tech), Willow (WiW)

Handle: Octoplex
Real Name: Christer
Country: Norway
Groups: Anarchy (A), Dual Crew (DC), Gate, Onyx (ONX), Palace (PLC), Quartex (QTX), Scoopex (SCX), Skid Row (SR - SKR), Spirit (SPT), Theatre, Vision (VSN)

Handle: Sid
Real Name: Marco van Steen
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: 2000AD (2K AD - 2KAD - 2K - 2000 AD), Double Density Brothers, Endless Piracy (EP), Logic Systems, Spirit (SPT), The Party Bit (TPB), The Powerslaves (TPS - PSL)

Handle: Spiderwork
Real Name: Steven Joakim
Country: Cyprus
Groups: Ambrosia (A!A - ABR - ABA), Magnet, Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Synthfreak
Real Name: Allard Poldermans
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Spirit (SPT)

Handle: Virus
Real Name: Jonas Asp
Country: Sweden
Groups: Alpha Flight (AFL), Classic (CLS - CLC), Hypnosis, Legend ([L] - LGD), Mythos (MTS), Nemesis (NMS), Northstar (NS - NTH - North Star), Palace (PLC), Quartex (QTX), Scoopex (SCX), Skid Row (SR - SKR), Spaceballs (SPB - SB - SPC), Spirit (SPT), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Zest
Real Name: Frank Fleuren
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Spirit (SPT)

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