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Found (for Mystic (MST) in groupid)
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Handle: Aivo
Real Name: Petri Häkkinen
Country: Finland
Groups: Community of Moral Advancement (C.O.M.A. - COMA), Mature Furk (MatureFurk), Mellow Chips (MC), Mystic (MST), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Aron
Real Name: Robert Falk
Country: Sweden
Groups: Agnostic Front (AF - AGF), Byte Busters (BB), Cadaver (CDR), Death Defiers (DDF - DeDe), Defiance (DFC), Mystic (MST), Submission (SBS - -S-), Vogue (VGE)

Handle: Bartesek
Real Name: Bartosz Niedzwiecki
Country: Poland
Groups: Boys Dance, Casyopea (CSA), Darkmoon, Distorsion (DST), Impast, Mystic (MST), Nelon, POISON pc, Pulse (PLS), Rotten Brains, The Breasts, The GRiD (GRID), The Intruders (ITS)

Handle: Blz
Real Name: Wojciech Golczewski
Country: Poland
Groups: Exmortis (XMS), Few Unfothomed Scriptural Exclusions (FUSE - FSE), Floppy (FLP - Flopi), Grape, Mad Elks (MDE), Mystic (MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Old Bulls (OLB - OB), Plastic (PLC), Proxis, Prozess, Razor 1911 (Razor - RZR), Revelation pc (RVL), Scoopex (SCX), Status OK, Surprise!Productions (S!P), Szpont, Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI)

Handle: Bonifacy
Real Name: Lukasz Mazurek
Country: Poland
Groups: Mystic (MST), The GRiD (GRID)

Handle: Borre
Real Name: Björn Rohlen
Country: Sweden
Groups: Dual Access, Mystic (MST)

Handle: Cedyn
Real Name: Marcin Czartynski
Country: Poland
Groups: Freezers (FRS - FRZ), Monar Records, Mystic (MST), Scum (SCM), Shadows, Voodka People st

Handle: Daiz'L
Real Name: Kenneth Jonsson
Country: Sweden
Groups: Flash Incorporated c64 (Flash Inc. - FHI), Mystic (MST), Subject

Handle: Deathlord
Real Name: Marcel Roers
Country: Germany
Groups: Aspect (APT), Backlash (BLH), Cocoon Dezign, Delight (DLT), Laser Dance (LDC - LD), Motion (MTN), Mystic (MST)

Handle: Diabel
Real Name: Marcin Jedynak
Country: Poland
Groups: Cremki, Freezers (FRS - FRZ), Mystic (MST), UP

Handle: Dune
Real Name: Lassi Nikko
Country: Finland
Groups: Extreme (E), Humane (HMN), Mental Design, Misery (MSY), Mystic (MST), Orange, Sonic (SON - SNC), Stellar (STR)

Handle: Ganja
Real Name: Markus Castrén
Country: Finland
Groups: Abuse (ABS), Delusion, KONE, Mystic (MST), Nerve Axis (NVX), Red Zone, Scoopex (SCX)

Handle: Geezer
Real Name: Fredrik Astvik
Country: Sweden
Groups: Inhumans (IHS), MLW, Mystic (MST), PLEASURE (PLS), Vector

Handle: GOA
Real Name: Andreas Palmqvist
Country: Sweden
Groups: Cryonics pc, Deadline Design, Duplo (DPL), Mystic (MST), TSM

Handle: Hellhound
Real Name: n/a
Country: Sweden
Groups: Byte Busters (BB), Chaos Ad. (CAD), Damage (DMG), Jetset (JS), Mystic (MST), Ram Jam (RJ - RJM), Submission (SBS - -S-)

Handle: Hoffman
Real Name: Ian Ford
Country: United Kingdom
Groups: Binary Emotions, Defekt (DFT), Divine (DVN), Dual Crew & Shining (DCS), Elude (ELD), End of Century 1999 (EOC 1999 - EOC), Fade, Focus Design (FD - FCS), Ghost, Logicoma (LGC), Mono211 (M211), Monotonik (MONO - No' Mo' - MT - MTK), Mystic (MST), Quartz (QTZ), Scandal (SCL), The Flashing Bytes (Flashing Bytes - TFB), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), TRSi and FairLight Recordz, Unstable Label (UL - UNS), Xanadu

Handle: Jackal
Real Name: Dariusz Dziurzanski
Country: Poland
Groups: Inf, Mystic (MST), University of Drinking (UOD), UP, V.E.T.O (Veto)

Handle: JamSam
Real Name: Per Ekengren
Country: Sweden
Groups: Beatless (BTL), Disorder, Finesse, Mob., Morbid, Mystic (MST), Vector, Vision (VSN)

Handle: Katani
Real Name: Piotr Dziurzanski
Country: Poland
Groups: Appendix (APX - APD), Beermacht, Freezers (FRS - FRZ), Inf, Mystic (MST), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Union (UNN), University of Drinking (UOD), UP

Handle: Killraven
Real Name: Robert Kersbergen
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Desire (DSR), Mystic (MST), TBB

Handle: Marvin
Real Name: Christian Alexandre
Country: France
Groups: Essence (ESC), Lasol, Mystic (MST), Skarla (SKL)

Handle: Mezcal
Real Name: Gaël Monier
Country: France
Groups: Andromeda (AOA - ADR), Darkness (DKS), Mystic (MST), Synth

Handle: Micron
Real Name: n/a
Country: The Netherlands
Groups: Mystic (MST), Solution (SLT)

Handle: Mobby
Real Name: Artur Pietrzak
Country: Poland
Groups: Mystic (MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Nipson (NSN), Phase Truce (PHT), Suspend (SPD)

Handle: PAM
Real Name: Aki Sopanen
Country: Finland
Groups: Blue Crystal, Circle (CiR), D-29, Da Jormas (.jRM - Jormas), Depth (DPT), Epilesbian, Fanatic (FNT - FNC), Mystic (MST), Styline, Zymosis (ZMO - ZMS)

Handle: Parsec
Real Name: Federico Cito
Country: Italy
Groups: AlienLabs, BioSynthetic Design (BSD), Brainstorm (BRS), Elven 11 (E11), Mystic (MST), Night-Stars, Nova Acies (NA - N-A), Submission (SBS - -S-)

Handle: Pill
Real Name: Îukasz Mazurek
Country: Poland
Groups: Floppy (FLP - Flopi), Freezers (FRS - FRZ), Monar Records, Mystic (MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Omnicolour pc, The GRiD (GRID)

Handle: Priest
Real Name: Bartosz Sierocinski
Country: Poland
Groups: Genetic Brothers, Mystic (MST), Refridgerators, Soldiers And Flowers (SAF - S.A.F.)

Handle: QuartZ
Real Name: Jérémie Jacques Antti Hallama
Country: Finland
Groups: Admirals (ADM), Bomb Squad (BS), Da Jormas (.jRM - Jormas), Humane (HMN), Ignominy, Live Act, Mystic (MST), Regency, Style (SE), Syzygy

Handle: Sixtus
Real Name: Tobiasz Staniszewski
Country: Poland
Groups: ABSENCE, Anadune (AND), Genetic (GNT - GET), Mystic (MST), One Man, Raalia, Refridgerators, Soldiers And Flowers (SAF - S.A.F.), Umlaut Design (UD), Union (UNN), Vacuum (VCM - VAC)

Handle: Skyzol
Real Name: Andrzej Kowalski
Country: Poland
Groups: Appendix (APX - APD), Mystic (MST), Nipson (NSN), Royal (RYL), Sector 5

Handle: Spacebrain
Real Name: Thomas Tofft Williams
Country: Denmark
Groups: Ambrosia (A!A - ABR - ABA), Dreamline Designs (DLD), Inzzest, Kingdom (KGD), Mystic (MST), Stallion, Tarkus Team (TT), Trivium (TVM), Upfront (UPF)

Handle: Speck
Real Name: Mika Aho
Country: Finland
Groups: Depth (DPT), Fanatic (FNT - FNC), Mystic (MST)

Handle: Stezotehic
Real Name: Alpo Palokangas
Country: Finland
Groups: 6 Crew (6C), Humane (HMN), Humane-Vanity (HMN & VTY - H&V), Krafted (KRF), Mystic (MST), Style (SE), World Industries (WDI)

Handle: Stun
Real Name: Thomas Becker
Country: Italy
Groups: BioSynthetic Design (BSD), Elven 11 (E11), Mystic (MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K)

Handle: Superted
Real Name: Arild Andersen
Country: Norway
Groups: Borealis, CRA, Grotesticle (GRT), Hypnorok, Kjøttkakene, Mystic (MST), PYA, Suspiria (SPA)

Handle: Trash Head
Real Name: Marek Cendrowicz
Country: Poland
Groups: Appendix (APX - APD), Applause (APL), Mystic (MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Rektum (RKM), Samba, Scope, SMB, Surprise!Productions (S!P), Suspect (SCT), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Union (UNN)

Handle: Vigo
Real Name: Ugur Ozyilmazel
Country: Turkey
Groups: Agnostic Front (AF - AGF), Bronx (BNX), Coroner, Illi Recentes ImperatoreS (IRIS - IRS), Mystic (MST), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Zombie Boys (ZB)

Handle: Vital
Real Name: Peter Eriksson
Country: Sweden
Groups: J-Beam, Maniacs (MNC), Mystic (MST), Vaxine (VXN)

Handle: Walek
Real Name: Janusz Walukiewicz
Country: Poland
Groups: Freezers (FRS - FRZ), Gremki Design, Mystic (MST), UP

Handle: XTD
Real Name: Piotr Bendyk
Country: Poland
Groups: Action Direct, Clique (CLQ), Dinx Project (DINX - DXP), Haze, Lamers (LMS), Mad Elks (MDE), Mystic (MST), Mystic Bytes st, Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Pulse (PLS), Revolution (REV), Suspect (SCT), The GRiD (GRID), Tristar & Red Sector Inc. (TRSI), Union (UNN), Varios

Handle: Yoga
Real Name: n/a
Country: Poland
Groups: Freezers (FRS - FRZ), Mystic (MST), Nah-Kolor (NAH - N-K), Scum (SCM), United Artists

Handle: Zeebi
Real Name: Zbyszek Welc
Country: Poland
Groups: Anadune (AND), Flying Cows Inc. (FCI - F.C.I.), Mystic (MST), Vega PL

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